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If you already have an account please do not register again as your record of previous training will not be available (press "Cancel" and read "Help" to see how you can retrieve your existing account details)

  • This search box should be used to identify your employing organisation's name, not the location where you work
  • If you know your national organisation code (e.g. ODS code) start to type it into the box, then click on it when it appears
  • If you do not know the code, start to type the full name of your employing organisation into the box, then click on it when it appears
  • If your organisation does not appear it may be registered under a different name, e.g. Greenwich CCG instead of NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group, so please try alternative names
  • If you are unsure which organisation to register against please check with your employer. If you register against the wrong organisation your account may be deleted.
Organisation search

Select your organisation: (Click on your organisation name: the code will appear in the box then click 'Next')

If your organisation does not appear when searching you may need to request for it to be registered, please contact helpdesk to do this.

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